Monday, March 9, 2009

This Facebook Thingy

I like facebook, it keeps me in touch with my friends back in Indonesia and Singapore.

I can just straight forward go to their walls and send some sweet msgs.

Although it might be just a short sentence like 'i miss u' or 'how are u'.

Tapi ada something yg bothers me SO MUCH!

It gets started when you click the 'add as friend' button.

Gw typical orang yg ga mau approve random people alias ga kenal.

Gw sih gpp klo misalkan kalian add gw.

Tapi klo mau add friendster aja, since my friendster' friends uda byk.

Freaking 902, and yes I used to app random people and some 'alays'.

Akhirnya they ended up on my profile asking me 'anak mana?' or 'kelas brapa'.

That's actually written on my profile that my school's SYAS Singapore.

I didnt bother too much, if i didnt hv nothing to do I would just reply them back.

But mostly I didnt reply them.

And since I'm not using friendster as often as before.

I dont want any comment on my fb' wall from random girls/guys asking me 'anak mana?'

That's why I dont app random people.

But the thing is ..

How do I know who you are if you dont put any photo on your profile picture?

*i hate hate hate why blogspot always put such small picture like that?Cant they larger it? Grr*


I wont *listen to me*

I WON'T straight away ignore those guys.

I will send them a very polite msg asking.

'Hi, do I know you?'

That's polite enough OK?

And I'd be happy if you reply them.

If I really dont know who you are, I will tell why I cant approve you.

But! But! But!!

There are still some people who insisted want me to approve them.

Like this girl.

Since it is VERY VERY SMALL you probably cant read it.

So let me copy-paste it in here again *gosh blogspot you make me hv double works to do*

Felicia Nugraha
Today at 2:45pm

sapa ya?

Add as Friend

Today at 2:46pm
Report Message

aku nadya 
makasih ya udh di app

Felicia Nugraha
Today at 2:51pm

nadya sapa ya? tau aku drmn? btw i hvnt app u yet.

Add as Friend

Today at 2:53pm
Report Message

tau dr kk aku hehehhee
namany gery 
*gery is my classmate when I was in JHS*

Felicia Nugraha
Today at 2:59pm

ohh dr gery, kirain sapa. hehe. 
tp sorry ya i dont app random people.
klo mau liat profile aku liat dr acc nya gery aja ya.
nice to meet u btw. salam buat gery.

The End, my problem is solved. 

But wait!!

She replied me again!!

Add as Friend

Today at 3:07pm
Report Message

ok deh kak
emg knp ga di app?

*actually I have answered that question earlier,but it's ok I'll tell her again why*

Felicia Nugraha
Today at 3:14pm

soalnya aku ga biasa app org yg blm aku ktemu n kenal.

That's actually clear enough why I didnt app her right?

And I thought she understood.

But! Ok. Do you guys mention the red box in the picture?

Cos she replied me back asking

Add as Friend

Today at 3:16pm
Report Message

ohh...berati selamany aku ga di app donk? ? ?

OMG!!! @$&*$@^@^&*($#!

Ok I dont know how to make that girl understand anymore.

So I just wrote freaking a lot ?s

Felicia Nugraha
Today at 3:19pm


And still....

Add as Friend

Today at 3:21pm
Report Message

iya yah??


Obviously I didnt bother anymore. I'm too lazy.


  1. omggg....gileeeee..kata2 lu fel..nusuk bngt kl gw jadi dy..bisa2 sakit ati gw....wakaka....jahat bngt felliiii

  2. wahhhahha jgn dimasukan ke hati loh. itu kan namanya gw sensor :P emang susah sih jd org di add mulu :P